want to work together?

good news! librarycutie is accepting requests for collaborations and sponsored posts! they will be posted on instagram @librarycutie and blog posts will be considered. for all promotional requests, please email me at so we can hopefully work together!

book reviews

if you would like me to review your book, please take the following preferences into consideration when emailing:

+ prefers young adult contemporary, fantasy, dystopia and sci-fi
+ will consider new adult/adult
+ will accept both physical and e-copies for review books
+ occasionally accepts indie authors/publishers
+ based in the united states

please be aware that once reviews are carefully considered and accepted, i cannot guarantee a review post. i have a full time job and if i dont find the book interesting i can’t force myself through it, but i could still try and do a sponsored instagram story/post.

please make sure to include all the basic information in the email – book title, author, publisher, synopsis, links (if applicable) – and anything else you find helpful. i’ll try and get back to you in a few days since i check my email weekly, thank you!


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