my redbubble faves & recs

do you like shopping for nerdy clothes/items and can’t find the right designs? well, i think red bubble would be perfect! actually, i know it is! i’ve began to dive into the black hole that is red bubble! as you might already know, red bubble is a site where you can buy items of various […]

q&a about hunter

so, i asked you to send over any questions you had for hunter and i that were love related, and i thought i would make a blog post answering some of them, instead of a video.

a new start

hello everyone! i’ve decided to start brand new with my blog, and you might’ve noticed my domain is now— it’s self-hosted! this is a huge step for me but i’v always wanted to up my blogging game and now i can! for now this is what my blog will look like, but eventually i’m […]