my redbubble faves & recs

do you like shopping for nerdy clothes/items and can’t find the right designs? well, i think red bubble would be perfect! actually, i know it is! i’ve began to dive into the black hole that is red bubble! as you might already know, red bubble is a site where you can buy items of various […]

how to read in summer featuring Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale

while we are in the peak of summer, i thought it was a great time to share how to read during the summer time! lately, i have enjoyed reading LAST SUMMER by Kerry Lonsdale, a romantic thriller that is perfect to read in the summer and currently has me excited to turn each page and […]

World Book Day | free books!

Do you like free books? If you’re on my blog, then i’m sure you do! In honor of World Book Day, Amazon Crossing is giving away Kindle Books in translation. Amazon Crossing believes that books have the power to connect people across language, country, and culture through the power of storytelling. If you would like […]

my tattoos

in today’s post i want to talk about my tattoos, why i got them, my experiences behind them, the pain scale, what they mean to me, and even some of my future tattoo plans! currently i love all of my tattoos and don’t regret a single one. i wish i could have more, if i’m […]