need a beta reader?

i’m currently accepting free beta reading services for a limited time!
are you looking for a beta reader to read your Young Adult or New Adult fantasy/contemporary novel? look no further, because i’m your girl! i’m currently pregnant and am a stay at home wife/soon-to-be-mom and would love to be your beta reader!

what do i read?

i’m only accepting novels that are Young Adult or New Adult fantasies, contemporary romances, lgbtq+, paranormal, and genres circling around that! i would even consider sci-fi, historical fiction, and dystopias if the synopsis catches my attention, although they don’t take priority when looking through offers.

what i offer:

  • i will send you my 100% honest feedback within a month or two of receiving your novel (whether it’s a first draft, final draft, whatever you send) and keep a notebook while i read to keep notes.
  • i will focus on characters, plot, likability, flow, plot twists, world building, and other details such as that!
  • once i’ve finished that, i will send you a microsoft word doc compiled of my detailed and organized feedback and review.
  • i will not be looking for spelling or grammar errors as this is only a beta read and i’m not an editor.

how do i book you?

so you’re interested in my services? that’s awesome!! first of all, thank you so much for considering me as a beta reader for your novel. i know you’ve worked hard on it and i will be sure to give you my best services as a beta reader!

email me at: with the following details:

  • your name and title of your novel.
  • the main genre’s of your novel.
  • a synopsis of your novel, please don’t give me a brief summary or run down of events, i don’t want to be spoiled for your novel since i’m reading it as a reader as well as critiquing it.
  • whether you have a time frame it needs to be read and have feedback by.
  • any trigger warnings would be nice to include as well.
  • and lastly, of course, a copy of your novel. i prefer MOBI format so i can read it on my kindle, but i understand if that’s not attainable. i can transfer it from a DOC or PDF to MOBI on my computer easily. don’t stress about that.

that’s it! thank you, and i hope to hear from you soon!

*i will also ask for testimonials to help get my name as a beta reader out there for more writers and to help give myself a professional set up eventually!

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