can you recommend me some books?

you can see more of my favorites on goodreads.

what inspired you to start bookstagram?

a lot of things inspired me, but the main one was that at the moment i was in a really dark place, I had just graduated high school not long before that, and i had an entire semester off due to reasons i couldn’t control and i was completely lonely and stressed to the max with things. i remember finding PolandBananasBooks on youtube and eventually discovered Bookstagram somehow and next thing i know i created an account, which surprisingly wasn’t named librarycutie yet. it has then changed so much and i’m so happy with how it’s going and glad i decided to start it even when my photos were absolute crap back then.

what do you use to take your photos?
i use my Canon Rebel EOS T6 and edit with she the spy presets in lightroom.
will you review my book/product?

maybe! i’ll definitely give it a look, just send an email to librarycutie@outlook.com including all the information and i’ll try and get back to you in a reasonable time. also check out this page for more information regarding collaborations

if you have any other questions, email me or contact me through my contact page or my socials linked here or comment!


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