how to read in summer featuring Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale

while we are in the peak of summer, i thought it was a great time to share how to read during the summer time! lately, i have enjoyed reading LAST SUMMER by Kerry Lonsdale, a romantic thriller that is perfect to read in the summer and currently has me excited to turn each page and find out more! i don’t usually read thrillers, it’s a genre i enjoy but usually pick up once every few months, but this book is so interesting and makes it even better with my reading atmostphere matching the summer vibes.

Last Summer is about a journalist names Ella who has had an eventful life, mainly because of her job, and remembers everything from her first interview to every detail of her wedding (i wish i had a memory like that!!) until she gets into an accident one day and loses her unborn child, and she doesn’t even remember being pregnant. in hopes to recover some memories she’s lost, she follows Nathan, a celebrity she interviews that seems to know more about her, than she does him, and discovers that some truths are best left forgotten! THIS sounds very interesting, and i can’t wait to find out more as i keep reading! if you’re planing to read this summer, i HIGHLY recommend picking up Last Summer if you’re into thrillers, or if you want to get into them, and then keep reading to find out where/how i recommend reading!

how to read in the summer:

  • go outside and enjoy the summer sun with some fruit, water (very important), and read until your skin is finally tan enough to last the rest of the year. but actually, always seek out shade if you don’t want a tan or if the sun is too hot, maybe under a tree, at the park, at your porch, under an umbrella table, or to be even more extra, whip out a hammock and enjoy that aesthetic life.
  • go to the pool. there’s something nice about reading poolside, preferably where there isn’t a crowd and you can concentrate on what you’re reading. maybe a friend/families pool, or sneak into the neighbors when they’re on vacation (jokes, don’t really heh)
  • if you are going on vacation this summer, make sure to bring a book and read at the beach, that would make it a better vacation already!
  • go to a cafe, sun and heat is overrated! sometimes you want to go outside just to get in the car and go somewhere to read, that’s why the cafe or bookstore is a great idea this summer!
  • and lastly, my favorite option and most used is: sit by the window and have the window/blinds open. this is my favorite thing to do year-round. when it’s too hot or if i’m too lazy to gout, i like to sit by my window in a comfy chair and read until my heart is content. sometimes summer is just about enjoying the green grass and the sun streaming through the dusty blinds in your air-conditioned house, it doesn’t always mean going out.

i hope those were helpful tips for reading in the summer! if you’re looking for a summer read, don’t forget to check out Kerry Lonsdale’s LAST SUMMER and some of her other titles, all on amazon! and if you would like to read more books like this, follow Amazon Publishing on instagram to keep up with more new book releases!

click here purchase LAST SUMMER!

make sure to follow my blog for more bookish posts and look forward to a new post every week starting today, enjoy your summer reads!! thank you amazon publishing for sponsoring this blog post! i love it already!!

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