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in today’s post i want to talk about my tattoos, why i got them, my experiences behind them, the pain scale, what they mean to me, and even some of my future tattoo plans! currently i love all of my tattoos and don’t regret a single one. i wish i could have more, if i’m being honest, but they’re expensive, especially depending on where you go. so, let’s talk tattoos!

the paw print,

i got my first tattoo in april 2015 for my nineteenth birthday with my mom. she got a tattoo as well, it was an infinity sign with a word written in between it, i’m sure you’ve seen examples online. as for my tattoo, i wanted something simple and small for my first because i knew it would hurt but i didn’t want to back out, i wanted to be able to take the pain. i decided to get specifically a dogs paw print outlined on my left wrist (see picture) and it’s a little more to the left, i wanted room for another tattoo later on. i didn’t like the place i got this tattoo at, i have an extra little dot that i don’t like, but it’s fine.

  • pain scale: 3/10. not terrible, but it was right on my bone so it hurt a little bit but was super quick, it’s not a big tattoo. it took like two minutes.
  • the meaning? i wanted to get a tattoo in honor of my dog, kota, because she is the only dog i’ve ever had and she honestly meant and means the world to me. (she’s still alive, i’m just such a dog person lol). i wanted a tattoo that i would always remember her by, she was such a pal to me when i was sad and i guess she just knew because she’d always be up for cuddles.

the fearless rune,

i got this tattoo in june 2017 on my right wrist. if you follow me on instagram then it’s no surprise that i love the shadowhunters chronicles by cassandra clare, the mortal instruments is one of my favorite series. i got this tattoo on a whim, it was very sporadic, all i knew was that i wanted a shadowhunter rune tattoo, but i couldn’t decide which one. it wasn’t done perfectly but honestly i think it matches the vibe of the tattoo perfectly. shadowhunters can’t draw runes on in the most perfect lines, can they?

  • pain scale: 5/10. this one hurt a little more because it was colored in and took a bit longer, it was also right ontop of my veins and those areas were sensitive. let’s just say i was a fighter, but i loved the outcome.
  • the meaning? in the books, city of ash specifically, clary drew this rune on alec lightwood and it’s one of the reasons he is one of my favorite characters, even though he’s really just a side character. he used this rune so he could be fearless and try to confess his true feelings for a specific magnificent someone and this just always resonated with me. when i look at this tattoo, it reminds me to be fearless, to be strong, and to remember that i can do anything, i shouldn’t be afraid. i got this because my anxiety was really bad, and i wanted something to remind me that i can fight it.

the thigh quote,

i got this tattoo in november 2018. this was a sporadic tattoo, which seems to be a repeating occurrence, and this is one of my favorites. i typed this out in the iphone app phonto with the font i liked the most, i tried out so many different fonts and ways to line it up and finally came up with this. this quote is from my current book six of crows, as soon as i finished this duology i knew i wanted a tattoo of something from the book. i can’t wait to show this tattoo off more in the spring and summer in shorts, skirts, and dresses and it’s up high enough on my thigh that when i wear skirts or dresses to church, no one will give me their disapproving look. the place i got this tattoo at was really cool, i liked the building, every tattoo artist had their own room so the customers got to have privacy when getting a tattoo and it was the most professional tattoo place i’ve been to, i definitely plan to check them out for future tattoos.

  • pain scale: 4/10. i think this one hurt the least because it was on my thigh and thighs have more skin and fat and theres no bone or veins too close for comfort. it was a bit more sensitive on the sides but that was only for a few letters. i think i fle tnumb for half of it, and my thigh was on fiireeee during and afterwards and i swear i was shaky.
  • the meaning? firstly, i wanted a thigh quote/word tattoo because at the time i had become obsessed with kalyn nicholson on youtube and her thigh tattoo was so cute and inspired the idea, and then i read six of crows and the quote became one of my favorites. the heart is an arrow, it demands aim to land true. this quote reminds me to always have goals and always have aspirations and not to quit trying to achieve them, i have a problem with always lacking motivation and happiness, and this is just something to help remind me that i need to have goals and inspirations and dreams to aim for so that i can achieve happiness.

the H,

this is my most recent tattoo, i got it february 14th 2019. i got this tattoo with my fiancé hunter, and it’s actually the letter H written by hunter in the way he always writes the H in his name. yes, it’s a tattoo that i got in dedication to Hunter.

  • pain scale: 5/10. this felt like the paw and rune tattoo, it was ontop of some veins and hurt a little bit but was honestly super quick. i got this at the place i got my fearless rune (which we’ve discovered we’re not a fan of the place, so we won’t be returning there) and i believe they deal with a lot of fine line tattoos, which is why we went.
  • the meaning? it’s no surprise hunter means a lot to me. he has helped shape me into the person i am and the person i am becoming, because i believe i’m not done growing as a person, and each day he helps me become better. he means so much to me, and i truly believe he’s my soul mate, even though all of our downs together, i love him with all my heart. i don’t believe in the myth that if you get a tattoo of your significant other it’s bad luck.

future tattoo plans?

i have so many ideas for future tattoos. i would really like babys breath tattooed either on my side, arm, or around my ankle/heel, i think that would be very pretty, and i have a lovely meaning behind that. i would love a shoulder tattoo, i’m not sure what but i’ve seen some gorgeous flower tattoos on pinterest that are gorgeous. speaking of, i have a lot of tattoos pinned on pinterest, and so many are ones that i love, or would love to have, you can check them out [here] and while you’re there follow my pinterest @librarycutie and give it some love!

do you have any tattoos? comment below how many you have, what they are, and even the meanings behind them if you’d like. i always love hearing about other peoples tattoos, sometimes they might even inspire mine.


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