q&a about hunter

so, i asked you to send over any questions you had for hunter and i that were love related, and i thought i would make a blog post answering some of them, instead of a video.

  • do you believe you have to find/love yourself first before you can be someone’s partner in crime? 

i know basically everyone will say yes, but i don’t think so. i didn’t love myself before or while i first started dating hunter. almost three years later, and i’m still having trouble loving myself. hunter has given me so much confidence and i’ve actually seen a huge change over the years. he’s helped me find who i really am, he’s helped me burst through my little shell i created, and he’s helped me to love myself.

  • how did you meet hunter?

i always love sharing this story because it’s really cute, or at least i think so. we first met the summer of 2012, it was our first job and we were 16. although both of us were in the same grade at the same high school, we didn’t have any classes together (and still never did) so i didn’t know him. we worked at a local grocery store for two years together and i instantly developed a crush on him. he was actually my only friend there until he quit before we both graduated. he started dating this girl not long before i started crushing on him and he kept dating her. my crush was not a secret, i think everyone knew about it, but he was always so nice to be and always made me laugh and smile, i really liked working with him. he admitted that he actually had to work a lot to get me to talk to him, i was extremely introverted and had a lot of anxiety back then, but he didn’t give up. i didn’t find out until our second date that he actually liked me back then too! the girlfriend he had back then he ended up getting engaged to and broke it off for reasons, that’s his story to tell if he decides to, and a month later he messages me on facebook messenger and the rest is history. we just instantly clicked and although yes, he definitely had to work at trying to get me to open up and be comfortable with him, he’s my best friend now and i wouldn’t see my life without him now. i go to him for everything and anything. we both talked about if we would’ve made it as a couple back then, and we both think we definitely wouldn’t have. i was too socially awkward, really depressed, and at the time had a lot of family issues going on, i was mess. and hunter wasn’t the sweet guy he is today, he was an angsty teenage boy then. honestly though, God works in wonders, he definitely put us in each others paths because i have no doubt he’s my soulmate. he makes me cheesy and cliche, sue me lol.

  • was it love at first sight?

honestly, it might have been. i was all heart eyes for this boy when we first met, and on our first date when he was a man, i was still all heart eyes. i can’t say for sure if it was or not, but i know he still gives me butterflies.

  • how long did it take you to know that you wanted to marry him?

again, honestly i don’t know. our relationship actually moved really fast and i remember he was the first to say i love you not even a month into dating and maybe a week or two later i said it to him. he wanted it to just be a casual dating because he just got out of a serious relationship, but later admitted he knew i was the one two dates in. at first i was just excited that a guy was still interested in me, and he seemed genuinely interested in me and what i enjoy. i think two or three months i knew i wanted to marry him, because at six months of dating, we were actually discussing marriage a something we both wanted, we were just not financially stable.

  • is love really like the cliche “heart pounding” & etc.

yes. this guy made my stomach flutter, my heart beat harder and faster than normal, and he made me have all the girly squeals. i fell hard for him, and i didn’t look back. i never had a boyfriend before hunter, so i didn’t know what to expect, i’ve been on dates before but they all bailed because i was too shy and hunter didn’t give up, he was kind about it and i genuinely wanted to talk more so he wouldn’t bail, i didn’t want to lose him.

  • what do you love MOST about hunter?

i love that he’s intelligent and always tries to stay in the know of things. i like that he’s a bibliophile just like me. i love that he isn’t embarrassed to speak his mind or share his passions. i love how passionate he is about me and my passions. how he is literally going on a limb for me and how i know his heart is full of love for me. i could go on!

  • a book one of you loves and the other hates?

well, hunter absolutely hates the fault in our stars by john green while it’s one of my favorites. he even dislikes the movie. i find it so funny, actually. as for me, i don’t think i hate a book that he loves, i don’t read a lot of classics, horror books, or adult fiction whereas he does.

  • if you and hunter were an animated/disney couple, which one would you guys be?

this was a tough question. hunter said we would be like ariel and eric from the little mermaid, and i think we could be, because hunter actually resembles eric in his features. but as for personality, i’m not sure. i made a joke saying naruto and hinata because i’m super shy and cute like hinata and hunter is crazy and determined like naruto.

those were all the questions i saw that i wanted to answer, but some that i noticed were not asked, i thought i could talk about.

hunter has been my rock, even though he doesn’t understand my anxiety, depression, or quirks, he still accepts them and has always helped me get through them. my anxiety has actually gotten so much better, but my depression has always returned and he’s always been patient and willing to help, just so i can be happy. we’ve been through a lot together, family deaths, major changes, and now there’s only 85 days until the wedding, until i’m his wife and he’s my husband, and i take his name. how crazy is that?? he’s shown me God, what it is like to believe in something i fought so hard to avoid, and has shown me love. i’m forever thankful for him.

i hope you all enjoyed this blog post, it’s very different than what i would usually upload but i wanted to answer some questions about us and maybe just gush about how much i love him. have a happy day! also, i hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from our engagement photoshoot, i am obsessed with them!


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