a new start

hello everyone! i’ve decided to start brand new with my blog, and you might’ve noticed my domain is now— it’s self-hosted! this is a huge step for me but i’v always wanted to up my blogging game and now i can! for now this is what my blog will look like, but eventually i’m hoping to have my blog completely customized, but that’s later down the road since it can be a bit pricey. i’m honestly so excited for this blog and can’t wait to jump into things. i want to thank my lovely fiancé for helping encourage me and support librarycutie.

what have i been up to?

i have been trying to figure out what i want, not only in life, but online as librarycutie. i’ve always wanted to take it a step higher and do something more than just bookstagram, something that i can fully express myself and my passions, and this is the right step for me. i just recently went full time at my job, more on that in a later post, and decided to take a break from college to figure out what i want. because honestly, i’m still clueless on. i’ve also been trying to read more and do more than, because i’ve gotten into the bad habit of lazing around and watching youtube or tv. time to get  my life together, especially since i’m getting married in less than 5 months!

what to expect here?

you can expect more book reviews, but not only that but everything really. i plan to post monthly favorites, exciting updates, showcase my photography if i ever decide to jump into it, what i’m feeling, maybe try and get into fashion, and a lot of inbetweens.

i want this space to feel welcoming to everyone, and a place you can come to for quality book reviews, entertaining posts, and more. bascially what i’ve been seeking in a blog for ages. i was never a serious blogger before and didn’t enjoy what i was posting since it was 90% book reviews nothing else really, and although that’s okay, i wanted more. this is my chance to get serious about blogging and the name librarycutie.

how often will a new post be up?

i’m going to start off with a weekly blog post, mostly because i want to make sure it’s a quality post instead of just throwing something together to have two or three posts out a week, and once i get in a good flow of things, then i’ll start posting more often. i’m still working on what kind of photo theme i would like and am excited that you can share this learning and growing experience of with me.

will you still bookstagram?

of course! i’ll still post daily photos over on instagram, but i’m slowly trying to put more lifestyle in librarycutie because i want to share more of who i am, and even though 45% of me is books, 25% is coffee, i want to share the other percentage of my life.

so, with all of that being said, i hope you will subscribe and follow to check out new posts from me and look forward to updates! thank you for checking out my first post in this new start and please leave a comment if you’re excited for!!


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